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About Conference

The 1th International Conference on Islamics History and Civilization (ICON-ISHIC 2020) is organized by the Research Institutions and Community Service Universitas Islam Negeri Walisongo Semarang. The aims of the conference are to provide a platform to the researchers, experts, and practitioners from academia, to discover, develop and abstract the understanding of the position of Muslims in the global context; To Critically evaluate the identity of the Muslims in the Globalized World in its integration and contribution; To examine and criticise various forms of expression and articulation of Islam in its relevance in the development of society; To review the relation and significance of the discourse and practice of Islam in combating radicalism; To understand and map the danger of environmental degradation as well as further align and promote on conserving the environment; To explore and seek the reinterpretation of Gender Role in the light of Quranic Interpretation in the field of mathematics, science education and environment studies. Every submitted paper will be review using a double-blind peer-reviewed process.

Topics of interest include:

  • Contemporary Developments on Islam in the Global Politics
  • The Roles of Islamic Tradition in Combating Radicalism and Nurturing Moderatism
  • Religious Discourse in the New Era of Industry 4.0: Opprtunity and Challenge
  • Other issues related to Islamics History and Civilization